About Me

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  • My name is Kourtney Elam, and I am a Chicago-based designer with a huge appreciation for art and creativity. I have been practicing design since the age of 16. What started out as a summer hobby, soon became a passion. My career as a designer began with creating and building websites, blogs, and myspace profile pages.

    I received an MFA (Masters of Fina Arts) in Communication Design in December of 2014 from Harrington College of Design. During that time, my thesis focus was on social awareness and using design to address Chicago gun violence.

    I consider myself to be an advocate of creativity and self-expression. I love art, design, photography, writing, and any other media used for creative expression. I have a passion for creativity and believe the freedom of expression inspires one to think, feel, and act. I find beauty in having the courage to step outside of the ordinary and create the extraordinary, and use that passion for art and creativity to push myself to the next level on every creative project.

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